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How to Track Mobile Phone with Mobile Tracker Apps?

The use of cell phone tracker is increasing day by day. This pattern has emerged with the enormous change in the communication means among individuals globally. 

The most common users of cell phone tracker apps are employers and parents. The kids are becoming victims of cyber bullying, harassment, cyber predating, and sex offending due to the excessive use of the internet and digital networks. 

On the other side, the employees are involving in unnecessary and unproductive activities at the workplace, like using social media and connecting with their network during working hours.

This has posed serious implications to the lives of the kids and for the businesses as well. 

Threats for the kids 

The reports of cybercrimes targeting kids have increased massively in the last few years. An investigation is conducted to study the harassment and cyberbullying attempts and their impact on the kids.

The report suggests that 68% of the kids facing such issues have visited the mental health unit of the hospital. Moreover, 40% of the female teens have been the victim of such activities, followed by 28% of males. 

Social media has been considered as the largest source of such activities. The study reports that 40% of the cybercriminal activities take place through Instagram, followed by 37% from Facebook.

  • Online harassment 
  • Cyber bullying
  • Cyber predating
  • Sex offending 

The criminals try to get into the close social network of the child; they try to know about their secrets. After that, they look to exploit and blackmail the kids on the basis of their secrets and try to identify the financial credentials of their parents.

This situation can be very hard to handle for the whole family. The problem gets more intense when the kids do not share the ongoing frustration with the parent, which adds insult to injury. So, the experts suggest that parents should give enough confidence to their kids so that they may feel at home while discussing any sort of problem with their parents.  

Threats to the businesses 

The major threats of technological advancement and digital networks are as follows. 

  • Productivity issues due to the usage of excessive internet and social media over the phone
  • Business secrets are not much secure because they can be shared over digital networks
  • Workplace sexual harassment can be efficiently addressed using the cell phone tracker app
  • Threats of cyber attacks on the business mobile device due to inappropriate use 

The solution to the concerns and reservations of parents and employers 

The first solution FamiSafe Pros And Cons to this type of problem is manual monitoring of the kids and employees by the parents and employers, respectively. This is not much feasible because the physical presence cannot be maintained all the time. 

The second and most suitable solution to this type of problem is the use of a cell phone tracker that can extensively record each and every bit of communication taking place on the target cell phone.

The best mobile tracking app for addressing the discussed concerns is TheOneSpy. The app can be installed on android and iPhones with ease, enabling the parents and employers to know what their target user is actually doing at a certain point in time. 

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The salient features of TheOneSpy 

Social media monitoring 

All the communication taking place through social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps can be tracked in real-time.

The end-user can view all the individual and group chats and images and videos shared over the network.

The incoming and outgoing VoIP and video calls can also be listened to in real-time. These calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard if the end-user is not available to monitor right away. 

Surround recording feature

This feature provides a fair insight into all the happenings around the child and employee. The feature is vitally significant in coping with the issues of workplace sexual harassment. 

Keylogger identifies password

This feature of TheOneSpy spy app identifies the password of all the installed apps of on the mobile device, earning the end-user a fair insight into the pattern of activities of the target user. 

Phone call recording and listening 

This feature of the cell phone tracker enables the end-user to listen to all the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the target device. 


The ways of tracking mobile phones are discussed. The best cell phone tracker for parents and employers is TheOneSpy. The app is available to spy on iPhone and Android devices. 

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