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Important facts to know about Node js application development

Node js application development

Developers or programmers use different programming languages to build a website, application, or software. There are lots of programming languages in the IT field. These programming languages are executed using runtime.

Nodejs is a Java script run time that is built on Chrome V8 javascript engine. We use node js for building non-blocking, event-driven, and single-threaded applications. We can integrate the node js application with an application built on a different platform and programming language without any compatibility issues.

Node js can be used for building both clients as well as server-end applications. The demand for Node js application development has increased due to the recent rise in popularity of node js. Keeping this in mind many development companies have started hiring more nodejs developers or node js programmers.

Why do developers love nodejs?

Developers always like the easy learning curve with node js. The implementation of the code can be done efficiently using node js tools.

There are lots of Nodejs IDEs or integrated development environment that allows them to write code, compile the written nodejs codes and execute them with a single click.

Node js is supported by many nodejs libraries, frameworks, and tools that help in quick code implementation, compilation, and execution.

There are many debugging tools for node js some of the most commonly used node js debugging tools are Chrome developer tools, React developer tools for Chrome, Firefox developer tools, Safari Develop Menu, Safari Develop Menu, and Edge Developer Tools.

To test the node js application we can also choose a wide range of testing tools. Some of them are freeware while some need a premium subscription to access all features.

Some of the most commonly used testing frameworks are Mocha, Jest, Lab, AVA, Chai, Test Double, and Visual studio code.

How to select the best company for node js application development?

Choosing the right company helps in the development of the application as we desire in cost-effective ways. But if we select the wrong company then it might result in wastage of time, money and effort.

Here are some tips to select the right company for node js development.

#1. Experience of the company

While selecting the company for node js application development we must check the experience of the company. An experienced company in node js development is considered in delivering the project at right time.

#2. Technology stacks of the node js development team

The company that has lesser technology stacks will face issues at the time of adopting new technology. Hence we must choose a company where the developers have many skills besides node js.

#3. Cost-effective node js implementation plans

For developing applications with node js we need a powerful and efficient strategy. Not all strategies need to be cost-effective. We must consider the most powerful and cost-effective plans for node js application development plans offered by node js Development Company.

#4. Agility and flexibility of the node js developers

When dealing with offshore companies we must check whether or not developers are agile in adopting the new and latest technology, and if they are willing to work in different time zones.

#5. Node js application testing tools they use

There are lots of node js application testing tools. The selection of the proper tools for testing a specific type of software is essential at the time of software testing. That is why we must ask the node js consultants which tools they use to test their application before giving them the development project.


Node js applications are faster in performance and speed. They can perform the back-end operations as well. In case you are looking forward to developing node js application for your business then you must consult experienced and professional node js developers.

The selection of the company must be done wisely as there are lots of company that claims to provide node js application development but they never provide the service at the time of need. Hence we should beware of such companies.

We must visit the official site of Node JS Development Company to know about their company, technology stacks, skills, and experience in node js application development. We can also check out their client’s testimonials from their site to understand their work culture and ethics.

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