Anthony Constantinou Explain Enhancing Online Visibility Through Branding

Human memory is a unique and powerful tool that makes man different from other animals that inhabit our planet. Every one of us has this singular talent with minor differences. We share an extended memory from the time we were a baby with every single sight, sound and fragrance forming a part of it within our mind. Upon achieving adulthood we can recall various events and happenings in our life with the help of memory triggers. According to Anthony Constantinou (CEO CWM FX), in the world of SEO utilizing brand signals are efficient methods for a business to leave an indelible mark on the minds of customers.

Whenever we go shopping for any product most of us experience a mental flash of an associated ad or commercial that we might have seen on television. How does this happen? The answer lies in the fact that all businesses use branding as a technique for helping customers to identify and recall the company’s name and products and services. That is why using branding signals form an essential part of any SEO strategy.

Visual: Branding relies upon stimulating human senses and in particular that of sight. The most effective way to achieve this is through the creation of a logo or emblem that is representative of the company or business it reflects. These colors play a crucial role especially those of red, blue, orange, yellow and green. For this, an eye-catching logo that will remain fixed in the memory of clients needs to be created which they will recall whenever they plan to go out and make a purchase.

Audio: This is another one of the five human senses that is capitalized on by companies when creating brand recognition. A video can be created with sound bytes that are incorporated within it and describe the products and services on offer. There are some individuals who are classified as aural learners and having a video presentation that talks about the products and services on offer are a good way of striking a chord with them when they go to purchase.

Brand recognition: The technique in which branding works is that they create a distinct identity in two ways. Firstly the information that those prospective consumers would have picked up would relate to a name or logo. It also leaves a lasting impression on the mind that the brand in question offers quality and the customer identifies with it at an emotional level. Learning on a daily news portal takes place in a variety of ways and branding goes a long way to reinforce it.   

Marketing gurus and experts have realized that tapping into human memory through the use of brand creation and recognition is a sure formula for success. This serves as an effective strategy to draw in customers by appealing to their emotional responses through the use of some of the human sensory perceptions. This has been taken further by SEO experts who realize the value of brand signals which can help a business or a website to increase its online traffic and overall profitability.

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