Why Getting an Applied Economics Degree is a Good Idea

Due to the devastating cost-of-living crisis (which has caused a lot of damage across the USA), you might be thinking about the types of jobs that you can do which can guarantee you a solid level of income. If this is something that interests you, then it could be a good idea to put the effort in and get an applied economics degree. Below is a guide that has been created to highlight some of the benefits of going on such a program. Read on to find out more. 

Finance Offers Good Salaries 

If you have an economics degree, then you will be able to get a good job within the finance sector, which allows you to live comfortably no matter where in the country you might be based. This is because the average salary, according to Salary, is over $90,000 per year. Different types of jobs pay different amounts and in different ways – in bonuses, for example. However, it is widely recognized as a well-paid profession. As such it is also widely competitive. To give yourself the best chance in your career you should focus on getting the qualifications that will be most useful, such as an applied economics degree. This will help to give you the qualifications and knowledge to succeed in the field as well as give you the soft skills to turn you into the type of employee that employers are looking for. 

You Can Gain a Better Understanding of the World Around You

If you choose to study for a degree, it might not just be for the sake of getting a better salary; it might also be for the chance of understanding the world around you better. For example, you might be wondering what is causing the record high inflation at the moment. Economics are so bound up in our everyday world that having a good understanding can also impact our understanding of politics, social trends and even wars. 

A Finance Job Offers a Lot of Variety

If you find that you are bored easily, then it is a good idea to get a finance job. Due to the high-paced nature of finance (as popularized in the HBO show Industry), you will find that there will always be a lot for you to do and to enjoy. Interactions with other people, both external clients and in house colleagues is unlikely to ever be monotonous and as economics are influenced by factors all over the world each day can be different from the next. If you are dreaming of this high level of variety, then it is important that you make sure that you are well-qualified for your job – this way you can choose the exact career path you wish to take. 


Now that you have read this guide on some advantages of an applied economics degree, you should have a good grip as to whether this is the right choice for you. In conclusion, it certainly isn’t easy to get an applied economics degree, but if you manage to work hard and obtain this qualification, you will find it massively useful when it comes to your personal success.

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