Multi-Service App Development Precautions To Note Down

Maintaining and developing ‘security’ premises for a mobile app is a bare necessity. Even a minor breach in the system can cost entrepreneurs billions and millions of dollars plus trauma for a lifetime. While most of the entrepreneurs are spending more than half of their time building intuitive, exciting, and innovative applications, security is simply ‘kept for later.’ Well, this is precisely what the Gojek app clone developers take care of. In this blog, we will look at 5 ways in which white-labeling firms protect their client and user security.  


The starting point where the app is most vulnerable to break-ins and hacks is – multiple bugs in the source code. Thus, it is crucial to building a strong code that is hard to break. Use efficient technology to develop the code so that people with malicious intentions cannot reverse engineer and tamper with the code. 

Gojek clone is developed with top-notch app development technology like Java, Objective-C, CSS5, MySQL, etc. Plus, the source code is tested over a thousand times and all the bugs that have shown up in the past are already fixed! 


Every data unit that is exchanged via the application must be encrypted. What is encryption? Here, the data is scrambled and jumbled until it becomes just some vague alphabet that contains no meaning. One with the key can only understand what it is. In other words, even if your data is stolen, no one can ever read it and misuse it! 

So, when you head out to interview the multi-service app development companies, ask if their data is encrypted or not. 


Unauthorized API codes can be easily hacked and misused. Loosely built APIs can act as the loophole through which the evil-intended masterminds can hijack the app privileges. However, with this on-demand service app, you are safe! How? 

Well, the Gojek clone app integrates only Google API for navigational purposes through which the driver and even the user can get the driving directions! Such authorized APIs ensure that no one could ever know what route you’re traveling and even your current location!


Keeping the app secure at all times is a never-ending process. The developers have to regularly run tests just to ensure that the application remains safe! Therefore, it would be best if your app developers are investing in threat modeling or penetration tests, etc. 

Don’t worry! Well-established and globally renowned firms run multiple security tests over and over again during the multi-service app development. This ensures that the code is safe and the security is hard to breach! 


Weak authentication can also sometimes cause the biggest security breaches. Thus, it is important to build stronger authentication facilities. By ‘authentication’, the term refers to personal identifiers and the passwords that protect someone else from entering the application. The app developers can always encourage their users to use a stronger authentication point.

For example, the Gojek app clone has a smart login feature only through which the users can log in. The smart login feature allows iPhone users to log in using Face ID while Android users can log in with their Fingerprint scanning. Or, if the user is comfortable with using the conventional username and password login method, then the application only accepts alphanumeric passwords only! 


To build a Gojek app clone, only trust app developers who are into the business of developing and launching pre-built apps for 10 years now. Why a highly experienced app development firm? Well, because they have the right technology, tools, and expertise to develop an unbreachable source code!

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