SecureKin Review: World’s Best Parental Control App

What is SecureKin App:

There are many types of monitoring tools, both free and other with payments. One of them is the SecureKin app. It is a useful and reliable parental control app that offers a lot of interesting and useful features for parents. It lets the user know about the kid’s life through their gadgets. Well, kids these days don’t spend a second without their gadgets, so the only way to know more about their lives is through their cell phones. 

The SecureKin app offers services for Android and iPhone users, making it possible for them to monitor the kids at any given time remotely. It is a very easy-to-use app, and installation is very simple as well. Installing the app does not take more than 5-7 minutes, depending on the target end gadget. The app offers four different types of bundles, giving the potential users many options in case of packages. Here is what you can achieve with the help of the features offered by the SecureKin app.


Web filtering is a feature that everyone needs. The problem of exposure to unsuitable content through the internet is a common complaint of all parents. The SecureKin app solves this problem once and for all by offering a blocking feature. Parents can block anything they don’t want their kids to watch on the internet. Filter the content based on keywords like nudes, porn, sexual content, etc, and live stress-free without worrying about the kids watching something unethical. 

Browsing History

Get your hands on the browsing history details of the kid’s gadgets with the track internet browsing history feature of the parental control app for iPhone. It is one of the best and most demanded features, as keeping an eye on the kid’s browser history is necessary for this age. Some kids get clever and get rid of their browsing history whenever possible. The SecureKin app even saves the deleted browsing history of the kids for the parents. 

Screen Time

Control the screen time of the kids with the screen time management feature and encourage the teenagers to have a social life in the outside world as well. Knowing that the feature can be sensibly used for versatile purposes is important. For example, you can know how much time the kids spend on the screen on average and which one is their favorite app. 

Real-Time Location

Keeping up with the kid’s schedule is no longer a tough task as you can simply know about their routine using the location tracking feature. The secure app offers real-time time and accurate information regarding the location of the kids, which ultimately makes it easier for parents to track them. The feature can even be used to track the lost or stolen gadgets of the kids. 

Activity Report

Activity report is about details reports of all the app logs information with timestamped information. Find out when the kids are depressed and searching for triggering stuff or how late at night the kids like to play games or browse social media platforms. The activity report of the kid’s screen activities can push you to communicate about the kid’s routine openly. 

App Block

Block any unwanted app like dating apps or apps that contains sexual content or adult stuff. If your kid is getting addicted to any social media platform, you can even get rid of the platform right away with just a few clicks.

Location History

The SecureKin app manages a timeline of the places the kids visit. It can make things easier for parents looking for missing puzzles or a whole pattern in their kid’s homework and movement routine. Both real-time location tracking and location history recording can let the user know about every place the kid visits in day to day routine. 


Keylogger features are perfect for keeping an eye on the kid’s keypad history record. All the data is saved on an app, and the user can access the portal with the given login information. It is advised not to share that information with anyone as it can compromise the safety of the data stored on the portal. 


There are many benefits of using the SecureKin app as parental control. First and foremost, it can help improve your relationship with your teenagers. Instead of asking about every minor thing, all you need to do is switch to the app you know it all.

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