SEO Tips for Google Search Console: A Step-by-Step Comprehensive Guide


Google search console offers data required to analyze the performance of websites in search and to improve ranking in search, data that is available only via Search Console. Google Search Console can be described as a web-based service for free run by Google that offers a means for search marketers and web design company brooklyn professionals to keep track of the overall health of their websites and performance concerning Google search.

It provides an overview of the metrics relevant to search performance and user experience, which can help publishers optimize their websites and drive more traffic.

Search Console also provides a method to allow Google to inform users in the event of security concerns (like hacking weaknesses) and also if the quality team has issued penalties for manual actions.

How to Start?

The first step in using the Search Console is verifying the site’s ownership.

Google provides a variety of methods to verify a site according to whether you’re verifying a site such as a domain, Google site or a blogger-hosted site.

Domains registered through Google domains are checked automatically by registering them in Search Console.

The majority of users check their websites using any of the following methods:

  1. Upload HTML files.
  2. Meta tag
  3. Google Analytics tracking code.
  4. Google Tag Manager.

Some hosting sites limited the content amount that can be uploaded. They also require a specific method to confirm the owner of the site.

However, it’s less of a problem because many hosting services offer a simple verification process that will be discussed in the following sections.

How to verify Ownership of the Website

There are two ways to determine the ownership of a site using the normal website, which is similar to a typical WordPress website.

  1. Uploading HTML files.
  2. Meta tag.

Verifying a site with one of these methods is the URL-prefix properties method.

Let’s not waste time and admit that the expression “URL-prefix properties” is useless to anyone other than the Googler who coined the phrase.

Don’t let it make you feel like you’re about a walk through a maze with your eyes closed. Verifying a website with Google is simple.

HTML Upload Method to Upload Files

Step 1: 

Open your Search Console and the Property Selector dropdown in the upper left-hand corner whenever you visit a Search Console page.

Step 2:

After that Select Property Type, enter the website URL and then click Continue.

Step 3: 

Choose the HTML upload method to Download your HTML file.

Step 4: 

Upload your HTML image to the root directory of your site.

Root means Thus, this is called verification.html, the uploaded file should be located at https://for

Step 5: 

Complete verifying your account by hitting on Verify within the Search Console.

Verification of a normal site with its domain on website platforms such as Wix or Weebly is the same as the steps above, except that you’ll need to add a meta description tag to your Wix website.

Troubleshooting Using GSC

Ranking in search results relies on Google’s ability to crawl and index websites.

The Search Console URL Inspection Tool warns users of any problems with indexing or crawling before it becomes a serious issue and the pages disappear from the results of searches.

URL Inspector Tool

This URL inspection tool will determine if the URL is indexed and, therefore, suitable to appear in the search results.

With each URL that is submitted, users can:

* Request indexing of the most recent update to a webpage.

* Check out how Google discovered the website (sitemaps and the referring pages).

* View the most recent date to crawl for an URL.

* Determine to see if Google is using a publicly-declared canonical URL or if it is using a different one.

* Check the status of mobile usage.

* Verify the enhancements, such as breadcrumbs.


The coverage section outlines Discovery (how Google discovered the URL), Crawl (shows whether Google was able to crawl the URL and, if it did not, gives an explanation for why), as well as Enhancements (provides information on the state of the structured data).

The coverage section is located on the left-hand menu:

Important SEO Tips for Google Console Search

Below are some tips to get the most benefit from Google Search Console.

  1. Use Index Coverage Reports (ICRs)

If Google discovers your website and it discovers your site, it will add it to its index. This is how it categorizes pages and crawls through them to understand your website better. However, sometimes the process could be a mess.

Index Coverage Reports (ICRs) will help you determine which of your pages are listed in Google’s index. By analyzing the pages within Google’s search results, you’ll be aware of the ones that aren’t. In addition, Google Search Console enables you to spot any technical issues with your web pages that prevent them from being included in Google’s index.

If you’re using ICRs, you’ll find four categories: Warning, Error Valid, Excluded, and Error. It is important to concentrate on fixing the pages that have issues to ensure they are listed. If your pages are found to be being indexed, you’ll boost your SEO rank since they’ll be listed within search results and appear on search results pages (SERPs).

  1. Go through the HTML improvement report

Google Search Console helps you detect HTML issues with your web pages. HTML plays a significant part in how your site is ranked. Poor HTML can result in your website’s pages not ranking as high.

Utilizing Google Search Console, you’ll improve the HTML of your site. It will let you know whether your website has HTML problems and then figure out the best way to correct the issues. This could range related to images big to code issues.

This tool can help brooklyn web design agencies to resolve your website’s basic SEO issues. If you can fix these issues, your website will be more efficient.

  1. Make the most of your performance report

Google Search Console gives you insights into how your site is operating. Using these reports to maximize the chance for your site to be more prominent in the results of a search is important. This tool identifies websites that rank poorly and have an unsatisfactory CTR. For example, changes could require improving your title and description.

Performance reports can also assist you in finding more relevant keywords for your marketing campaign.  Small changes like these can help your website. For example, if you can optimize your website to be more SEO-friendly, you’ll get more traffic and increase your site’s ranking.

  1. Examine backlinks

Backlinks play a significant part in SEO. They’re links to your website from trusted websites that increase your site’s credibility and trust and boost your SEO rankings.


Google Console Can Help SEO

Alongside the above advantages of Search Console, publishers and SEOs can also upload links, remove reports, fix penalties (manual actions) and security events such as websites and hackings, all of which help to create an improved search engine presence. And only the responsive and result driven brooklyn seo company can efficiently manage it. It’s a great service that any brooklyn web design firms worried about visibility in search results should benefit from.

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