Commvault vs. Veeam: Comparing Data Protection Tools

For each and every organization securing the data or preventing data loss had become a daunting task.  This data loss might occur irrespective of the company sizes and the storage of the data either on-premises or on cloud platforms. This data loss can be imposed due to abnormal hardware functionality, manual errors and malicious activity such as trojan infections, etc. So the organizations in order to prevent this data loss and to maintain the integrity of the data, need to establish or create operations to take frequent data backups. There came into existence two wonderful vendors to secure the data from loss are commvault and team. If you want to be an expert in securing your company data from loss then commvault training is very helpful. In this blog post, we are going to learn about commvault, why it is used, veeam, why it is used, key differences or comparisons between veeam and commvault. Let’s start discussing.

Commvault overview

Commvault vendor is a data recovery platform that helps in managing the frameworks, document structures, technologies, equipment and different storage tasks etc. AI-driven or focused computational will perpetually exhibit inaccuracy operations and typically increase their efficiency. Makes sure and regulates the encryption of data from both on the disk and the tape. Cloud adapters offer assistance for backup, representations, and meta-analysis of Oracle cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc. Inventory enables IT to regain information from a single citation.

Reasons for adopting commvault?

Commvault is considered in taking the entire backup of the data because of the following benefits such as hybrid IT control of all your data, simply automate the complex IT processes, it ensures the regulatory compliance with the best IT practices, moreover it safeguards your complete enterprise to a great extent. So taking up commvault online training will differently enhance your professional career.

Veeam Overview

Veeam is a #1 commander in Cloud Data Management backup solutions. Veeam offers a standardized framework to upgrade backup, speed up the cloud system, and secure your information. Our strategies are easy to install and run, adaptable enough even to accommodate any ecosystem but always efficient.

Reasons for adopting veeam?

The Veeam Cloud Data Management Framework has been the most comprehensive strategy to help our company build the way they handle data, make it better and much more self-governing even when guaranteeing its accessibility through any software or cloud equipment.

It’s a single cloud, virtual, and physical framework to fulfill all your requirements. It encourages consumers on the path to modernize their Backup procedure, speed up the cloud system, and adhere to data protection regulations and standards.

Comparison between Commvault and Veeam:


Commvault: The products of commvault are complete backup recovery and suite extensions. The pack provides document, app, and VM Recovery and Backup, Record/VM Filing, Authentication, Information Insurance, Mailbox Assurance, VM Live Sync, Depiction Devices Execution, Reproduction, and DR Failure/Billback. It also contains tape library execution and organizational outlining. It includes Commvault HyperScale for the objective of flexible information insurance engineering. Commvault Orchestra is used for sophisticated apparatus, analysis, transference management and data management.

Veeam: The key products of veeam are: veeam accessibility suite, veeam backup and replication and veeam backup essentials.


Commvault: Use agents to improve data security for document structures, applications, repository frameworks, and documents. 

Veeam:Veeam has shown it to be a significant distinguishing factor, adding experts for database device and app implied affirmation.


Commvault: The attractive failover and failback activities for Xen, VMware, Hyper-V, Acropolis, and many others are operated effectively by the commvault virtual server agent.

Veeam: Failure and Failbackup relates the VMware and Hyper-V VMs to perform the veeam backup process efficiently.

Backup strategy:

Commvault: Commvault does not deliver any consumer goods to small companies. The business does seem to be focusing on corporate consumers and service providers.

Veeam: Veeam’s method to the recovery industry should be to provide technology suited to specific sections. The business provides operating systems for SMBs, midrange and major businesses. Veeam also has a great service for personal use.

High Availability:

Commvault: The Commvault server package, workflow engine and CommServe, are built to operate on a big accessible group. These elements are normally developed to function in a constantly moving setup, but effective clusters are also endorsed. Active-active grouping tends to work by deploying numerous incidents of CommServe on a single specific device.

Veeam: Veeam does not identify high availability between its new features, but the business has endorsed high availability throughout the past and it is doubtful that such potential has been erased.

Disaster recovery:

Commvault: Commvault application provides DR to/from on-site conditions and throughout private and public cloud platforms. An entire Backup & Recovery system is proposed to facilitate key DR-related operations such as failover, failback, test and start reversing security.

Veeam: Veeam offers DR features, such as cloud functionality, to the Accessibility Suite. And most of its DR and company consistency usability have been shattered into a different program named the Veeam Availability Orchestra.

Different support options:

Commvault: Commvault provides a number of booklets and knowledge-based publications that can assist IT professionals fix most of their difficulties. In relation, the company provides four categories of assistance that differ in productivity and efficiency offerings: Standard, which offers assistance 12 hours a day, five days a week; Premium; Proactive; and Enterprise, which also offers assistance 24×7.

Veeam: Like Commvault, Veeam offers ample digital resources that will help clients fix issues. Veeam also incorporates diagnostic ability in its systems and offers instant remedial work of different issues. The official site of Veeam includes opportunities for telephone support and the submission of a purchase order.

Major advantages of commvault and veeam:

  • Assist group with cleverness and capacity in Commvault and implied apps, virtual servers, and computer systems.
  • Powerful platform backs up details to a range of cloud providers and offers encrypted cloud additional forces.
  • Elevated opportunity for huge and complex requires immediate monitoring and availability, and an array of activities and data.
  • Veeam is usually simple to implement and perform. It is relatively simple to develop and improve a larger implementation.
  • Veeam is ideally suited to reproduction and digital backup for VMware and Hyper-V. Quick VM level reproduction enables fast implementation retrieval under virtual circumstances.

Major drawbacks of commvault and veeam:

  • It strongly facilitates the creation of administrations and managers readying for new constructions. Going to send and starting to move forward can be discovered to be complicated.
  • Commvault’s real backup is expensive, with a serious expense for each TB. In any case, virtual reassurance is very conservative.
  • Veeam is much more cost-effective than Commvault, but valuation is not a reasonable similarity. 
  • The real assessment of Commvault is considerably higher than that of Veeam, which is a broader concept established and comprehensive.


Commvault and veeam are the both data backup solutions for the organizations. Veeam is best suited for middle-sized organizations whereas commvault suits for large enterprises to boost their efficiency and accuracy. However, commvault are very substantial to deal with the complex issues raised in the organization’s sensitive data.

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