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Best Animated Advertising Videos Examples in 2023

Advertisements are critical to getting your image out there. Therefore, your clients can’t buy your items on the off chance if they don’t know much about your business. Don’t you think so? Well that is absolutely right! 

Obviously, it is quite difficult to sell your products to a wider market without investing on it. However, commercial video animation is the best thing you can do. It helps in gauging the right customers through the right media channels. The average buyer is drowning in advertising and data from every possible channel available to advertisers.

It’s not enough to get your message out there; that message needs to stand out and be heard, or you’ll end up as a minor detail in a larger picture.

Why do businesses need animated commercials?

Video is the most common, eye-catching, and instinctual of the several media styles available. 

We are mostly visual animals. As a result, text and sound are outmatched by visuals, and static images are outmatched by moving images or video. Furthermore, sight is our dominant sense for viewing our overall environment, followed by hearing. It is thought that up to 20% of our cerebral cortex is devoted to visual processing. Without a doubt, leveraging video is an obvious solution if you believe your message must reach the audiences right away. 

Why use animations for business videos?

On the off chance that video is the most impressive medium out there to impart your message and story, then, at that point, animation is effectively the most remarkable configuration and style of video. However, there are as many styles and sorts of video out there as there are classifications of music. Moreover, animation is effectively the most adaptable and imaginative sort. Why?

You can grasp and represent almost anything a craftsman may imagine with animation. Furthermore, the finest aspect is that it has no substantial impact on the financial plan. This means that your major true constraint with animated video is your creative imagination, not your cash. Invigorating a film depicting a person walking into a bank requires the same amount of time and effort for an animation group as depicting the figure entering a spacecraft and landing on an alien planet. Only animation allows for such artistic freedom. This is also typical for business recordings. Furthermore, with animation, the sky is the limit.

How to pick the best length and style of animation?

We continue to emphasize that animation is much more art than science. Furthermore, most down-to-earth contemplations, comparable to length, and not totally fixed in stone by the message and audience. Whatever, when it comes to developing a relationship with music, the duration of a melody has little bearing on the quality of that song; the melody occurs for however long it is anticipated to express what it is attempting to say. Furthermore, characteristics like as length and style are not totally determined by your content and audience. However, an interior representative preparation video, for example, might be lengthier because it contains essential information for a specific audience and must precisely describe the issue.

Best Animated Commercial Videos Examples

Following we have some of the best animated commercial Video Animation Agency examples. Let us understand what audiences like the most when it comes making animated commercials for business. Continue reading!

Sydney Water – Half Flush

You wouldn’t think there would be much room for inspiration and creativity in a public service ad that simply encourages people to use the “half flush” function on their toilets to save water.

Regardless, Buck shows in any event, much to no one’s surprise.

This magnificent, fun-loving video starts with a snappy sonnet that explains how valuable water is as an asset in our regular day-to-day lives, is supported by ravishing cartoony-style animation, and concludes on a note of brotherhood and fellowship, empowering us all to do our part and moderate water in small, everyday ways.


Some of the time, you don’t even need clever material in voiceover. As a result, all you need is cunning, brilliant, fun animations, and music to impart your image’s energy, which is infectious.

As KEAN Organic Products did with their animated commercial for their blended media business. It is gorgeous while also being aesthetically attractive. As a result, you can always draw inspiration from such videos for your next piece of business content. Advertise the right message in the right voice, and your audience will pay attention.

Department of Family Travel – Emirates

This campaign’s clever feature is that it unmistakably focuses on a frequent cause of issues for business travelers: kids on airplanes. Most aero planes would rather highlight their administration or comfort while ignoring the little screaming elephant in the room. In any case, this vibrant company flips the script and bravely confronts it, encouraging everyone on their flights to be upbeat, regardless of age.

Dots & Co- Play Beautifully

This is undoubtedly one of the all-time top picks thanks to its stunning aesthetics, flawless animation, and mind-blowingly original idea. The only thing required is a beautiful, daring journey through a magical universe, similar to what one might find when playing the Specks flexible game. No words or substance are required.

American Express

This is yet another outstanding illustration of how to make a common component of a common item truly entertaining and engaging while also staying fresh in the minds of the audience.

By employing a precisely calculated ratio of humor and upbeat animation, this message is transformed into a charming experience that the viewer connects with, appreciates, and remembers long after they have watched it.

Final Words

Now that you already have some of examples of the best animated commercial videos, we know you will have something outstanding in store for your audiences. Isn’t that true? All the best!

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