What are DLP tools?

Data loss prevention is a combination of both tools and processes. Your organization’s DLP solutions tool recognizes the sensitive information that needs security, figures out where it is located, and sets up a technique for securing that data. Then, the DLP software is executed to scan for threats, block illegal access, and identify theft attacks. 

With the digital change and the blast of digital information creation, new security risks have appeared concerning sensitive data, both in volume and speed. Most businesses know that data loss protection should be their main concern – however, few see how various tools and policies should be utilized in combination to make total 360-degree protection for critical information. In this situation, DLP tools turn out to be the central part of an organization’s online protection strategy. 

The best data loss prevention tools mainly provide a considerable boost to information protection efforts. The best data prevention tools, as discussed below, may possess features that crossover. Although, they also have unique features that put them apart.

Comodo MyDLP

With Comodo MyDLP, whole associations get licenses across all endpoints and destinations while securing data stored on cloud servers. Instinctively, MyDLP finds a given organization’s sensitive information. Then, it records and secures this essential data. Client permission service is this tool’s primary feature, listing and organizing the people who have access to the specific information. Moreover, this tool indicates the activities that given users can perform with the stored data.


SolarWinds, Access Rights Manager, is the best strategic and systematic arrangement component, offering direct reports on current access authorizations. The above advantage helps to set up further developed controls. Continuous check on your data access is made conceivable by SolarWinds’ continuous monitoring, which triggers alarms when you try to make duplicates or transfer information.

CA Data Protection

Sensitive information controls are CA Data Protection’s focal concentration in the DLP space. The three essential features of this process are finding sensitive information, securing said data, reporting unapproved attempts to access information. These elements combine and form superb protection against intruders, accidental damage, or data theft. CA Data Protection works as an essential lynchpin that guides in characterizing protection protocols and pre-defined policies. Also, the framework has a vast reach that prevents data theft at all of your sites and in cloud storage. You can review the success of your security system while affirming compliance with data confidentiality guidelines through this software’s reporting and reviewing module.


Code42 stands apart by not utilizing policies. Yet, it connects flagged issues with remediation activities. This software backs up and screens information documents while restoring original versions, given they’ve been modified. Furthermore, Code42 tracks individual access to documents, stopping all duplicates or transfer activities. Code42 records all file-related activities, including its own. Accordingly, a clear review trail is made that reinforces your information security norms.


Teramind first searches for sensitive information by scouring your framework from end to end, following typical information formats. Teramind’s two central feature points are protection from insider threats and information security. Its user tracking function incorporates a website, application, and organization activities. Likewise, it tracks messages, utilizing a keystroke logger for additional verification layers. Organizations can set up standard and normal behavior through Teramind’s system activity measurements. This methodology is often used by interruption detection frameworks, which banner internal and external dangers. When someone in the organization leaks the information, there’s a fingerprinting framework for tracing the records.

Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP scans your whole framework for sensitive information. The security framework blocks offline PC activity and screens all devices connected to the network. In addition, it naturally stops unapproved activities like duplicating or transferring secure information. This means Digital Guardian gives protection from external and internal sources. Organizations searching to secure their intellectual property and personal data will find this tool exceptionally useful.

Check Point

Check Point is the most noticeable network security provider around. Its incorporation of strategies implies that you should just check which of them fits your essential requirements before activating them. The software has a remediation module that extraordinarily approaches user activity management. This tool doesn’t alert the IT division staff about malicious activities before closing down the user’s account or document access. Instead, it sends the warning directly to the user.

All the hard work done by your organization can fall off the radar if your business doesn’t employ sound DLP tools. There’s an abundance of alternatives available in the market; you can weigh out the expenses, needs, preferences, and the other prerequisites before selecting which DLP solutions fit best according to your business model.

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