How To Access Blocked Websites From Restricted Webpages?

We are living in a technical world where we need to always look for interesting things on the internet. But, most of the websites or videos are banned on the internet. So, users always ask how to get access blocked websites from restricted webpages. They become unable to get information from those websites which are block in their geographic area. 

Now, get some relief from these kinds of issues which is faced by many users at the time of searches. Here we are providing different ways to unblock restricted websites. Choose the method which is easy for you and applicable.

Different ways to unblock restricted websites

There are many methods by which a user can easily unblock the blocked websites. Read all ways which give useful information to you.

  • Use VPN

The most common and easy way which are million of users apply to get access restricted websites. And VPN describes itself by their name Virtual Private Network.  It means the network which is private and provides privacy to all. Many popular companies offer VPN services with full security proof. After installing these VPNs into the device, you can easily connect with the VPN and read the content of blocked websites also. You can choose from a VPN from the top brands.

  • Hola VPN
  • ZenMate VPN
  • VPN Unlimited VPN
  • Express VPN

And many other VPN companies are also available. But VPN Unlimited is the one on which you can apply for the VPN Unlimited Coupon Code. Use the VPN Unlimited Coupon Code To get a discount of up to 60%.

  • Use Proxy extension

Proxy is in second place after the VPN by which you can access blocked websites. If you want to unblock some websites and video game platforms then you can enter their URL into a proxy website. After, this you become able to enjoy watching the videos or read the content which is blocked in your region. Some very known proxy websites are available which is helpful to unblock the blocked websites.


 You can get VPN-proxy-master-coupon-code and get strong security for your devices, with this you can save upto 70%.

  • Use TOR

TOR comes after VPN and Proxy. TOR is like an onion that’s why TOR is also known as the Onion website. As an onion carries lots of layers, TOR also carries different layers or networks to hide your identity. Its encrypted traffic is transferred through many networks so, it is impossible to track your IP. You can simply use TOR.

  • Go to tor website
  • Select device (Mac, Android, Windows, ios) after this, follow the instructions.
  • Tab on configure
  • Search any unblock website, video, and games.
  • Try short URL

Most of the users know that the URL contains the IP address. An IP address plays an important role in hiding your information by which you become anonyms and unblock websites. But, what happens if the URL gets shorter. Yes, it is possible to shorten the URL by following some simple tricks.

  • TinyURL
  • Bitly

Enter the URL in any one of those and tab o shorten, and the URL gets short. It means users get access to restricted websites or video, gaming platforms also.

  • Use the Google Cache

Most of the time it happens you read the content and after some months or years, the website gets blocked.  And if you want to read that content again, then it is impossible if you don’t know the solution. But it is easy to get access to restricted websites which get blocked. 

Follow simple steps to unblock a banned website whose contents you have recently read

  • Type on the search bar
  • Search the website which you want
  • Tab on cache option given on the right side

These are the top 4 ways to get access to banned websites from the web pages. All methods are simple and easy to apply for hiding the IP address.

Why google blocked some sites?

Have you ever think why some sites are blocked. If no, then read this paragraph and get the answer. There are some sites on google which are harmful and allows virus into your device. And some contain a dangerous link in which you click and your data gets a leak. Some sites allow hackers to steal your information easily. But VPN is the best solution to hide IP addresses and it provides strong privacy to online data. And you can also get VPN service within your budget by applying VPN Unlimited promo code. Other VPN companies also protect you but VPN Unlimited offers features at a reasonable price.

From avoidance of this, google blocked some sites to keep privacy and protection of your information.

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