Forget Wasting any Space With the Miniature Internet Adapter

If you are living in today’s world in any society that is not very backward then it is easy to say that you use the internet on a daily basis. It would not be wrong if we assumed that your life is not going to run without the usage of the internet every single day. We do tons of things on the internet and it has become an essential part of our lives how much ever we choose to ignore that fact. It is true that the internet is a boon to our society and has made things possible that couldn’t even be thought of earlier.

Be it making money transfers to buying things to doing business online. Everything is possible in the world of the internet. Almost everyone has an internet router at their home that they use to access the internet with wireless technology. The problem with most of these conventional routers is that they do not have a very good range and having a large house ruins it. To compensate for that you will have to buy an extender to extender the range of your router. Well instead of doing that and using up even more space you could opt for a WiFi adapter. A small USB device that can simply stick to your computer’s USB port and increase the network of your WiFi router and also its speed by elephantine proportions.

Tp-link n150 adapter setup

The adapter is a small USB device that can be connected to the USB port of your router. The tplink n150 adapter setup is quite simple and wouldn’t take you too long. Simply lug the USB device into the port and wait for it to get recognized by your system. After this, you will see a prompt for the installation of the device drivers. Accept the prompt to install the device drivers and then you can open the device driver software to set it up.

After you enter the details of your router, the device will simply connect to the router and increase its range and connectivity and also it speeds up to 150mbps. That is quite a change in terms of range and speed both. Sometimes the device driver software will not be able to get read by the system and you will need to download it from the online website. Search for tplink pc n150 device driver download and you will be able to find the necessary files pertaining to it.

Install the driver software and follow the above-mentioned instructions to set it up. It doesn’t even consume much space and you can connect it, forget it there and not worry about it. It will stay there plugged and will cause no space trouble at all.

Tp-link n150 adapter not working

This problem is not very frequently reported but you may have to face it sometime. If you don’t plug in the adapter properly into the USB port then it may cause you trouble and also for the device. Make sure you insert the device properly into the port. Secondly, make sure that while you are doing the setup you enter the accurate information about the router when prompted. If you enter the wrong information then the adapter will not be able to connect it to your network and therefore you won’t be able to connect to the internet.


The driver software has a TP-Link n150 troubleshooting option that you can use in case you encounter a problem that you are not able to solve. Mainly is available for information and setup. If you have a problem you can try removing the device and plugging it again to see if it works. Giving a blow into the may remove any unwanted residues that might have crept in. In the case of the troubleshooter, it will take you to the root of the problem. It will also show you a list of solutions that could be applied. If the problem still continues even after applying the solutions suggested then it will take you online to check for further solutions. If all fails then you may finally need to check the device for production defects and get it exchanged if you find any.

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