Can You Truly Be Anonymous Online?

There are many ways which can help you to show as anonymous while working on the internet. But can you truly be Anonymous Online?  No software or app fully helps you to hide the online identity. Hide information is useful to keep privacy on your personal information. 

What does it mean to be Anonymous on the Internet?

To be anonymous on the internet means to no one can see who is running online behind the device. It hides your activities as well as identity from the web users or sites which you have visited. It fully shows you as a stranger to the third person. 

How can I hide my Online identity Completely?

By following or using such software, you can easily hide your online identity as well activities also. But they do not be fully useful to show completely anonymous while working through the internet. But helpful to keep privacy on your work.

VPN(Virtual Private Network)

Virtual hides your identity when you switch real IP with the servers of another country. It is helpful at the time of browsing or streaming. With the use of a VPN, you change your IP anytime with any country. But VPN softwares are very high in price. Only a few of the VPN companies provide security and access within the budget. 

We have a list of some VPN companies which can give you a huge discount while getting privacy. Hola and IPVanish are popular virtual private network companies to show as stranger browsing. They both offer Hola Discount and the IPVanish Coupon Code to all their users.

Use DuckDuck go Search Engine

Duckduckgo search engine is best to hide browsing information. It does not store your browsing information. Duckduck go search is an engine better than the use of Google or Yahoo. It helps you during the anonymity of the browsing details.

Use an Adblocker

Ads can allow malware, spyware, or other types of the virus into your device. Malware or virus is useful for hackers to access, change or steal someone’s information. So, enjoy the ad blocker at the time of streaming without buffering. 

Can an IP address reveal identity?

If you feel then your IP gets hacked and you can easily switch IP and change it with another’s servers. An IP address can reveal identity that’s why sometimes the company hacked and banned the VPN. But VPN is useful also it shows you as a stranger while working any online activity. 

When can you be Anonymous?

You should be anonymous when you do some important work while getting online. You have to hide your online identity during sending an Email, login Password, browsing, streaming, or doing some transactional work. In all these situations, users have to be anonymous to keep privacy on the work. 

Why do you need to be anonymous on the internet?

Online anonymity is useful to hide some important information from the prying eyes. Anonymity is necessary to keep a layer of protection on online activities. With the help of these, there is less chance of leakage of data. Information becomes safe and secure from cybercrimes. It secures your money 

Is being online anonymous illegal?

It may be Yes or No. This can depend on what activity you are doing online. If you hide your online identity to secure your information then it is legal to work. It is legal because you keep your information or details private which reduces cyber threats.

But if you keep yourself private while online to steal someone’s personal information. Then, it is illegal to work. In this case, online anonymity is not useful because it is used to leak the information of others.

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