Most Popular Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2023

10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

To begin with your coding journey, and choose the right and popular programming language, I have provided you with a list. By learning one (or more) languages from the list, you will be in a good position for software development in 2023, and more to come. So, let’s take a look at the list and understand its specifications.  

10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular primary programming languages of the World Wide Web. It is a high-functioning programming language. More than 65% of developers choose to use JavaScript over others, as reported by Statista in 2022. Even though it was at first used only to develop web browsers now it has taken over the software development industry. One interesting fact about JavaScript, it wasn’t called JavaScript at first. It was rather known as LiveScript. 

It can be used at any level, from beginner to intermediate. It can create cross-platform software, whether on desktop, mobile, or web. It is also easy to learn and implement hence, it is used widely across the globe. 

2. Go

If you want to develop APIs and web apps, Go can be your go-to. Considered one of the fastest-spreading programming languages so far, it can manage the multicore networked system. It is the simplicity of Go, that has made it so popular. Originally started to meet the requirements of a larger project, Go mainly got its popularity in large companies. And it became effortless due to its simple yet modern structure.  

The syntax of Go is also quite familiar due to its simple structure. Big businesses such as Google, Twitch, and Uber, use Go as their programming language. 

3. Kotlin

Kotlin is a popular programming language known for its ability to simplify mobile application development while offering powerful and advanced features that help developers create complex applications. Its conciseness makes it easy to learn and greatly reduces the amount of code needed, resulting in fewer errors. It is also compatible with existing Java libraries, meaning that developers can easily reuse existing code between Java and Kotlin projects. With this combination of advantages, Kotlin has become one of the most popular programming languages among Android developers.

4. PHP

One more open-source programming language is PHP for backend development solutions. For many web developers, learning PHP is crucial. Why? Because more than 80% of sites on the Web, including well-known websites like Facebook and Yahoo, are created using PHP as a scripting language. PHP is mostly used by programmers to create server-side scripts. However, programmers with advanced PHP coding abilities can also utilize this language to create command-line scripts and desktop apps.

For new developers, learning PHP is thought to be rather simple. Access to numerous online groups for PHP specialists makes it simple to find support and solutions. The best thing about PHP, you can get started with it, even if you are a beginner. 

5. C#

C# called a ‘See-sharp’ is another programming language that is mostly object-oriented and modern. It is also a type-safe scripting language that helps software developers to build apps keeping them secure and robust. 

C# can be used to construct a variety of different programs and applications, including games, websites, cloud-based services, smartphone applications, enterprise software, and business applications. There is a tonne of games.

Since C# was developed by Microsoft for Microsoft, it makes sense that Windows desktop application development is where it is most frequently utilized. The main use for C# language is creating programs and apps that are specific to the Microsoft platform’s design since C# applications need the Windows.NET framework to perform at their best.

6. Ruby

Ruby is a powerful programming language often used by backend developers. It has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past few years thanks to its simplicity, flexibility and scalability. The language allows developers to create robust applications that solve challenging problems with less code. Ruby also provides developers with libraries and modules which can be added for additional functionalities. It is being increasingly used for both web and mobile development services as it is becoming more popular among apps and website developers.

Ruby provides developers with numerous options to make the apps secure, maintainable, and deployable faster while avoiding any coding errors that might pop up during the process. Because of these features, Ruby programming language has become the go-to choose for many developers when creating apps or websites.

7. C++ and C

C and C++ are some of the most popular programming languages in the world, being used for many years. Some of the most influential technology companies have based their software on these two languages. They are also widely used in game development, robotics and other engineering fields.

C and C++ have powerful features that make them efficient, ideal for optimizing memory usage, or developing applications with low cost and complexity. Both languages are backed by a robust infrastructure that allows developers to focus on writing code without worrying about underlying architectures or platform limitations.

8. Swift

Apple developed the powerful and user-friendly programming language Swift for creating apps for iOS, Macbook, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Greater flexibility than ever before is intended to be given to developers. Developers with a concept can make something amazing with Swift because it is free and open source.

Swift is a quick and effective programming language that offers immediate feedback and can be easily merged into existing Objective-C code. As a result, programmers may build code that is safer and more dependable, save time, and produce even better app experiences.

9. SQL

SQL is a language used to describe how databases are organized. The full form goes like this – structured query language. 

Because SQL makes it possible to search a database for data that fits into a specific relation, databases organized with SQL are referred to as relational databases. It is the most frequently used database query language worldwide. Compared to alternative database query languages, SQL has many advantages, including increased effectiveness, improved data integrity, and easier access to data manipulation. However, SQL might be difficult to learn if you are not acquainted with coding or database fundamentals.

10. HTML

The preferred language for developing websites and software is HTML. Web pages are created using HTML. Pictures, links, and other sorts of information can all be added to your web page using HTML. Creating a simple web page only requires a basic understanding of HTML, a straightforward computer language.

HTML structures can be used to embed images and other items such as dynamic forms within the generated page. Providing structural interpretations for text elements like headers, sentences, lists, links, citations, and other objects makes it possible to create organized documents. Tags, which are typed in angle brackets, are used to distinguish HTML elements.


Sometimes the best way to decide the best programming language for you is to choose the one that goes with your interest and career. It is better not to focus on just the trends and get caught up in the competition. Rather just focus on the one programming language you are good at and provide exceptional service.

However, if you are looking for a backend development company or a front-end development company to give your idea a platform, look out for the ones that are experienced and have a relevant portfolio. Good luck with your next big project!

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