10 Tips to Reduce Kids’ Screen Time

It’s a norm for kids these days to laze around and spend hours in front of the screens. This activity is not healthy for kids or even adults. Thanks to the affordable Spectrum TV packages and the like, it is very convenient for households to subscribe to the services of these cable service providers. Although it is not a healthy habit for adults as well, the kids are a greater risk to suffer. Because of the habits that they develop at a young age, stay with them forever.

Here are ways to reduce your kids’ screen time. 

(1) No Personal Cellphones or Tablets

The worst that you can do to your kid is providing him with his own cellphone or tablet. Doing so will entitle him to use these gadgets whenever he wants. He will also be able to use it for prolonged periods of time because the cellphone or the tablet will then be his personal belonging. Therefore, avoid giving such gadgets to your little ones at an early age.

(2) Tech-Free Family Time

You should add tech-free time to your family time every day. And make it a routine to not just ask your kids but put your own smartphones away as well when it is the family time slot. Because kids follow their elders. So, you need to set a good example for them. In that time, discuss interesting topics with your kids so that they do not find family time boring. 

(3) They Should Know Their Limits

The kids should know their limits when it comes to the screen time that they are allowed every day. You should not shy away or feel awkward when doing so. Because the kids should know that there is a limit to their surfing on the Internet and using all these gadgets. 

(4) Play Games

The kids will not find it an attractive idea to ditch the gadgets unless you spend time with them playing. You should do with them what they enjoy doing the most. In this way, they will feel attracted to the idea of letting go of the screens that are harmful to them. Search online for various fun games that you can play with your kids.

(5) More Involvement

You, as a parent, should get involved in your kids’ lives. Take interest in what they do. You should be aware of what your kids loathe and what do they enjoy doing. Ask them about their day at school, have a look at their homework and guide them through the difficulties that they face. The kids should know that there are things beyond watching TV or surfing the Internet.

(6) Time to Talk

Your kids should be aware of the harmful effects of extended exposure to these screens. And they won’t know or look into the matter unless you talk to them. Carry out your own research and talk to your kids based on facts. They should know that you are speaking based on facts.

(7) Passcode for Smart Devices

You should set a passcode for smart devices. In this way, your little ones will always have to ask you before logging in to any device. This will limit their screen time further. As you would not log in if you know that your kids have surfed the Internet enough for that day. 

(8) Real vs. the E- World

When it comes to reading books, e-books are a norm these days. So, even if your kids are not surfing the Internet, they may be reading a book. This too increases the screen time. You should, therefore, encourage your kids to read the real books instead of opting for the e-books. 

(9) Download a Tracking App

You can even opt to download a tracking app that allows you to keep a check on your kids’ screen time. The tracking apps also allow you to keep a check on what your kids are viewing on the Internet and what not. Because let’s face it, the Internet is a dangerous place and you should always be aware of what your kids are up to.

(10) No Screen Media in Bedroom

You should not allow streaming technology screen media in your child’s bedroom. Because if they have access to it in the bedroom, you will not be able to control the time that they spend viewing the screens. 

Or what you can do as an alternative is to limit the Spectrum internet service or the like that you have subscribed to. For example, if you are using the Internet service, do not subscribe to the cable service.

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